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The programs and services offered through Ethos Life Coaching will guide you as you walk along the path of self-discovery, and come to the realization that man becomes what he thinks about. Let us help you identify your goals and change your thinking so that you attract the life that you truly desire.
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Life Coaching

Ethos will help you develop enhanced perspectives, confidence, and thought processes that will send you on a trajectory for sustainable and lifelong growth.

Entrepreneurial Development

Ethos offers business coaching for advancing entrepreneurs. We will help you develop a sustainable growth mindset and reclaim your life.

Weekend Workshops

Ethos conducts public and private, weekend-long, workshops on the law of attraction and goal setting.

Network Marketing Mentors

Our focused mentorship helps you develop the skill set necessary to build a business that will provide you with time and financial freedom.

PGI Programs

Ethos provides you access to personal and professional development programs created by Bob Proctor through the Proctor Gallagher Institute.

Moving Up Seminars

These week-long mindset events maximize your brain's reward memorization abilities, bringing about positive change that is never forgotten.

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