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Dustin, the founder of Ethos Life Coaching, has worked shoulder-to-shoulder with visionaries like Bob Proctor, Robert Kiyosaki, Eric Worre, James Arthur Ray, Jeff Olson, Wrenwyck Williams, and Dr. Michael B. Beckwith. He is a 41-year-old entrepreneur, restaurateur, author, coach, and philanthropist. In 2021, Dustin was invited to become a certified consultant with the Proctor Gallagher Institute and he has now dedicated himself to building his personal and professional development company, Ethos Life Coaching.

By partnering with other certified coaches who have gone through the same extensive training required of all Proctor Gallagher consultants, Dustin is bringing about incredible change around the world. The coaching you’ll receive from Dustin and his team is centered around Bob Proctor’s, prosperity philosophy, developed around a universal principle known as the Law of Attraction.

Dustin Mitchell is considered one of his generations foremost experts on the human mind and the cultivation of human potential. He will help you to identify your goals and make the changes in your thinking that will teach you how to achieve anything that you truly desire.

Dustin believes you can achieve any goal that you set once you begin adhering to the principles you will learn through Ethos’ programs and coaching services. He is so confident that you will find these programs so transformative that he offers a money-back, satisfaction guarantee.

For more information about Ethos’ coaching and programs, please browse our website, and do not hesitate to reach out with any questions.